Leaders as Gardeners

The description of 'leaders as gardeners' addresses the idea of leaders maintaining the right environmental conditions for people to grow organically, rather than designing and preserving the right organisation so that everything looks right structurally. The environmental conditions I’m talking about could equally be described as culture, or the values that in turn shape culture. I have come to see culture and values as probably the most significant determining factors of any community or business.

Leaders as Gardeners: Seasons
Despite the fact seasons powerfully shape the world in which we live, we often pay little attention to seasonality when leading and shaping the culture of our business communities.
July 6, 2021
Leaders as Gardeners: Roots, Shoots and Fruits
Leaders as gardeners are not passive observers, letting anything grow, anywhere anyhow. Far from it. They are active in weeding, feeding and pruning.
July 13, 2021
Leaders as Gardeners: Beauty Takes Time
Leaders as gardeners have a duty of care to help those they lead by equipping them to be able to wait well; how to make history in order to fulfil destiny.
July 20, 2021
Leaders as Gardeners: Hidden-ness Part 1
I believe hidden-ness is a hugely important concept in personal growth and one that leaders as gardeners work with in helping the people they lead to grow.
July 27, 2021