About Mark
In 2006, I suffered a nervous breakdown whilst managing a major incident with a high-profile client. This was a moment that changed everything for me. At the time, I didn’t know how to describe what was happening to me, but it felt like the plug had been pulled and I really did think it was the end!

Thankfully it was not, and I lived to tell the story. A story that I have used to explore what it means for people and organisations to truly, sustainably succeed.

Since that day, my wife Sarah and I have been helping people to prosper without collapse or burnout. We do that personally with our friends and family and I do this professionally through LW3.

LW3 stands for Live Well, Love Well, Lead Well. It is a definition of success that feels appropriate for the moment we live in.

For the last decade I have been helping organisations to grow well, to grow up without growing old. These companies usually have VC backing or exist in a quickly scaling market, places where the pressure is high and the pace is frantic.

Within these businesses I have worked with senior leadership teams to create thriving people cultures as well as healthy profit margins. In doing this we have seen these businesses succeed in a truly meaningful and sustainable way, delivering excellent financial results and environments of trust, respect and care.

By doing this, I am helping businesses learn to tell a better story.

Everyone has a story. In fact, you are in the middle of yours now. Stories are powerful, and the most important story is the one you tell yourself. Your story helps you to explain the past, make sense of the present and create a strategy for the future.

After 2020 there is no return to the way things once were, if you would like to work with me to help develop your business in a truly sustainable way then please do get in contact.

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Strategy & Culture
Strategy empowered by culture is a formidable partnership characterised by increased momentum and frictionless execution.
Strategy & Hope
Strategy without hope is a plan to fail, and nobody plans to fail.
Operational Leadership
Operational leaders understand alignment is more powerful than organisational structure.