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Strategy: Perfection vs Execution
The goal of strategy is not perfection, it’s execution. But why do we fail to execute?
Together at the Table
Commensality conveys the idea that in eating together around the table we come together to complete one another not compete with one another.
The Resiliency of the Table
Looking at the table I sense it’s permanence, it’s immovability and immutability. It’s defiant stand against the turbulence of time.
Leading around the Table
Without embracing the table leaders and those they lead will struggle to know and be known.
Leaders as Gardeners: Climate versus Control
Exploring the importance of climate and the role that environmental conditions play in determining what grows and how well it grows.
Authentic Leadership: The Crucible and the Journey from “I” to “We”
The crucible is a catalyst for personal transformation and the point of departure for the journey from “I” to “we” that characterises authentic leadership.
Mark Lawrence is a leadership and culture consultant