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Authentic Leadership: The Crucible and the Journey from “I” to “We”
The crucible is a catalyst for personal transformation and the point of departure for the journey from “I” to “we” that characterises authentic leadership.
Authentic Leadership: The Journey from “I” to “We”.
It seems authentic leadership involves a journey from “I” to “we” which is often triggered by a “crucible” experience.
Authentic Leadership: Pursuing Purpose with Passion
It strikes me that leaders, including me, are at their most authentic when their assignment is aligned directly to their purpose, passion and calling.
Authentic Leadership: The Value of Values
Authentic leaders remain true to their values even in the face of failure because they understand the greatest failure of all is the failure to stay true to their values.
Authentic Leadership: Leading with the Heart
My thesis is that authentic leaders are emotionally intelligent and emotionally heathy, in other words, they have healthy hearts.
Authentic Leadership: Embracing Your Story
It occurs to me that authentic leaders not only embrace their life story, they tell it and in the process invite those they lead to participate in that narrative.
Mark Lawrence is a leadership and culture consultant