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The Effectiveness of the Table
One ready criticism of the table is that compared to the platform it’s highly inefficient, or so it seems.
Leadership and the Platform
The tendency for the platform and leadership to be synonymous has the potential to marginalise the multitude of talent in any organisation.
Leading around the Table
Without embracing the table leaders and those they lead will struggle to know and be known.
The Table
I’m convinced that to grow the size and maturity of our organisations we need more tables.
Liminal Space: Transformation, Not Preservation
The restrictions of the past year have been hugely challenging but they have offered us a different starting point, catapulting us out of our orbit around the status quo.
Leaders as Gardeners: Making Space and Giving Time
As planting begins with relative immaturity, leaders as gardeners understand leadership succession is about growth.
Mark Lawrence is a leadership and culture consultant