Our Thinking, Learning & Explorations in Leadership

Journey through some of the foundational ideas, concepts and thinking that we try to embed in all we do.

Strategy & Culture

Strategy empowered by culture is a formidable partnership characterised by increased momentum and frictionless execution.

Strategy & Hope

Strategy without hope is a plan to fail, and nobody plans to fail.

Operational Leadership

Operational leaders understand alignment is more powerful than organisational structure.

Strategic Leadership

Strategic leaders drive change based on what they focus on: the big picture not the detail; the future not the present.

Strategic vs Operational Leadership

It's important that strategic leaders who focus on "there" and the operational leaders who focus on "here" meet somewhere in between.

Strategy: Perfection vs Execution

The goal of strategy is not perfection, it’s execution. But why do we fail to execute?

Strategy: Values, Vision and Mission

Strategy requires clarity of vision and mission; they are powerful navigation beacons when it comes to steering the ship.

The Importance of Strategy

Building strategy is about creating a narrative that makes sense of the past, gives meaning to the present and projects the future.

Review the Results

However good the plan, it’s important to review the results. Regularly take time out to check how much progress you’ve made towards your goals.