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Leaders as Gardeners: Seasons
Despite the fact seasons powerfully shape the world in which we live, we often pay little attention to seasonality when leading and shaping the culture of our business communities.
Leaders as Gardeners
An introduction to the concept of leaders as gardeners.
Authentic Leadership: Integrating Your Life
If to live and to lead authentically is to live and to lead intentionally then to live and lead intentionally is to know what matters most and allow this to shape the choices you make.
Leading & Helping Those We Lead To Trust The Journey
My thoughts about communicating well about the journey ahead.
Culture, Strategy & More Suggestions For Breakfast
More things happen by accident when the environmental conditions are right than ever happen by design when they are not.
Powerful Men & Powerful Women
We should be intentional about creating opportunities for women to occupy positions of influence at every level.
Mark Lawrence is a leadership and culture consultant