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At LW3 we help people to live well, love well and lead well - our definition of true success.

We specialise in creating conversations that lead to lasting and significant change, helping businesses to grow, teams to flourish and individuals to prosper.


"The training provided by Mark and Sarah was comprehensive, detailed and extremely relevant. Our students were encouraged and challenged by what they communicated."

 - Event Organiser


Our Services

Helping Organisations Transform & Grow

Developing strategic plans, driving operational execution and delivering measurable results.

Personal Leadership

Focussed on developing the whole person, we bring the best in us to bring out the best of you.

Training & Development

Seminars, workshops, coaching and mentoring sessions personalised and contextualised to envision, empower and equip your team.

Living Well

Seminars, workshops and conversations designed to help you live well.

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Everyone has a story. You are in the middle of yours now. Creating strategy is about embracing your story and deciding how you want it to continue.

Our Story


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"Mark has helped us to be efficient with our resources and effective at delighting our customers."

- IT Software Sales Director

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