Strategic Leadership

Strategic Leadership

Strategic leadership is about transforming an organization through its vision and values, culture and climate, and structure and systems as well as through its strategy.
The Center For Creative Leadership


In our view strategic leaders drive change based on what they focus on: the big picture not the detail; the future not the present. They are visionaries for whom the “status quo” is simply Latin for “the mess we are in”.

Below is our take on strategic leadership;

1. Strategic leaders are more interested in the big picture than the small print

2. Strategic leaders are more interested in mapping the route than enjoying the scenery.

3. Strategic leaders are more interested in taking measurements than taking photographs. However beautiful the scenery, success is progress.

4. Strategic leaders are more interested in the destination than the point of departure.

5. Strategic leaders do their best to look happy when someone says "enjoy the journey".

6. Strategic leaders often sound like the children in the back seat of your car on a family holiday, constantly asking "are we there yet?"

7. Strategic leaders believe you are never in a mess if you have a plan.

8. Strategic leaders are happy to travel with crew but not so thrilled about passengers.

9. Strategic leaders understand whilst hope is not a strategy, strategy should glisten with hope.

10. Strategic leaders are conductors of the orchestra and choreographers of the dance. Good strategy will sound good and look good.

11. Strategic leaders understand one point is a stop, two points are a line and three points are a trend.

12. Strategic leaders pay attention to trajectory and momentum because without both they recognise the flight will be a short one.

Mark Lawrence is a leadership and culture consultant