Add Imagination

The next few steps of Dreaming by Design involve taking all the ingredients you’ve collected from your first steps and adding imagination!

Imagine what you would look like and what your future would look like if you folded in your values, your vision and mission, what you’re good at, what you enjoy, what you’re passionate about and where you find favour into your life and wrapped yourself around them.

The following steps are often the ones at which most of us get stuck because it’s the point where:

- Dreaming by design stops being solely a science and becomes an art as well as a science.
- We need our hearts as well as our heads and both sides of our brain.
- Fear and it’s politically correct ally common sense kick in and kick out our imagination (more on this pair later).

The power of your imagination in the process of realising your dreams is hard to exaggerate. The best way I can explain it is to say this:

Everything that exists in the real world today was first the product of someone’s imagination. In other words for anything to be created, including your dream, it has first to be imagined.

The following few steps will hopefully help you re-imagine yourself and your future - to see it and describe it. 

Mark Lawrence is a leadership and culture consultant