The Table & Liminal Space

As we were about to enter the liminal space of lockdown in March 2020 I was reflecting on one of my favourite subjects - the table. I believe that the table offers opportunity for a strategic critique and a strategic opportunity; the table can provide us as individuals and organisations with the opportunity to reconfigure our lives as we exit this season. In this context the table can be viewed as a navigation beacon to help chart a course out of Covid restrictions. The journey out of liminal space will require shepherds not just strategists, as has the journey through it.

One of the highlights of our journey through this season of liminal space has been the joy and privilege of meeting almost every week since March last year with a small group of fellow travellers around the table, albeit over the internet. Some of us have never met in person. Together we have practiced: the art of conversation, strength through vulnerability, encouragement through empathy, hope through disappointment, devotion through service to others, loving through listening, holding sorrow together with joy, navigating the ups and the downs, the highs and the sadness, celebrating success and mourning loss, giving and receiving, holding it together and letting it fall apart, gratitude for what we have gained and grief for what we have lost, the art of keeping it simple and small.

We learn more from dialogue than monologue”.

The phrase I have used more than any other during this year. The liminal space of lockdown has been seasoned with some brilliant, courageous and life changing conversations. It’s why I haven’t missed the physical platform at all.

Turning the virtual platform into a table has been powerful as we seek to lift the words “not always easy, never alone” off the printed page and write them on the pages of our lives.

Mark Lawrence is a leadership and culture consultant