Strategy & Hope

Strategy without hope is a plan to fail, and nobody plans to fail.

"Hope is not a strategy" is a well worn sentiment in the world of business.

Whether hope is or isn't strategy is a moot point.

The more relevant question may be; without hope what is the point of strategy? Strategy without hope is a plan to fail and nobody plans to fail.

Our perspetive honed through life and the lives of fellow travellers is that hope is strategic - in that it expects and plans for "one days" to become "todays".

Project managers call these milestones. Pilgrims call these altars.

You are never in a mess if you have a plan. You plan because you have hope.

Always leave someone with more hope than you found them with and don't be surprised if the very next thing they do is start planning.

The hopeless don't plan, whilst hope hatches plans.

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