Time & Money

In order to design your dreams you will need to carve out time and money.

This isn’t easy to do as the gravitational pull of the demands of the life you are living today is immense. Pursuing your dreams will require you to be highly intentional with both your time and your money in order to achieve escape-velocity from planet here and now.

Two simple but not easy steps that we often need help with:

1. Allocating time to invest in building towards your future and then ruthlessly protect it against the demands of the present.

2. Building a financial plan that supports your journey. Very few dreams pay the bills on day one and some never pay the bills at all... In which case you will need to work out how to manage what you have todo alongside what you want to do.

Dreams cost nothing, making them real is expensive.

If you don’t carve out the time and the money to support your journey your dreams will remain fantasy and you will become frustrated.

Dream or no dream being intentional with your time and money is a good way to live!

Mark Lawrence is a leadership and culture consultant