Don’t Go It Alone

We were not meant to make it on our own and we shouldn’t try; ask others to help you build your plan and critique it.

We were not meant to make it on our own and we shouldn’t try.

If this statement is true then it most definitely applies to dreaming by design. I certainly needed and continue to need help to dream and to live out that dream.

Have two or three people in your life, who know you, love you and who you trust more than yourself and share your dreams with them (your dreams are not meant for everyone.) Think of these people as your personal board. Ask them to help you build your plan and critique it. Most of the time we know who they are, we just never get around to asking them. 

There is safety, creativity and accountability in numbers. Whilst they can be helpful, platforms and podcasts can leave us living in la la land. We need to have people in our lives helping us, championing and challenging us. Helping us to turn theory into practice, hearing into doing, fantasy into reality and learning into life.

It's likely that most of us have far more platforms and podcasts than we do people up close and personal in our lives. This risks leaving us fired up but floundering.

By all means go to that conference, listen to that podcast but whatever else you do find your two or three!

Dreams are designed in life, not the laboratory, and realised in the real world, not the conference centre or cyber space.

More Insights
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The encouragement to dream should always provoke the question: how do you go about turning your dream into a reality?
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