Embrace Wisdom

In the pursuit of our dreams we also have to navigate the concept of common sense which in my experience isn’t actually all that common!

Wisdom is a far better guide than common sense or “conventional wisdom” which could be summed up as what most people would probably do, or think is OK.  

As opposed to conventional wisdom, I believe that true wisdom is a far more encompassing concept than common sense, or being in the majority view.

Wisdom also contains hallmarks of excellence, creativity and beauty as well as the idea of enriching knowledge and understanding with experience. Wisdom manifests itself in good design, good decision making and skillful implementation. It isn’t swayed by popular opinion and is prepared to take risks because it understands failure is part of the process not the end of the story.

Wisdom is an essential key to dreaming by design because:

- It is inside-out rather than outside-in

- It extends the palette to include the multi-colours of excellence, creativity and beauty into what might otherwise be our sketchy plan drawings.

- It asks the right question: Is this right? As opposed to: Is this safe?

Mark Lawrence is a leadership and culture consultant