Helping Organisations Transform & Grow

The goal: to develop strategic plans, drive operational execution and deliver measurable results.

The approach: to work collaboratively with key stakeholders inside and outside the organisation to create a narrative that can be extrapolated to develop strategic and operational plans.





"Mark brought high level leadership and management input in a way that was completely accessible and clearly applicable in our context."

- Workshop Attendee




Personal Leadership

The goal: to train and equip leaders to live well, love well and lead well focussing on developing the leader as a person alongside leadership as behaviour.

The approach: to provide 1-2-1 coaching and mentoring sessions tailored to achieve the agreed outcomes.



"Everyone was encouraged to ask questions and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive."

- Event Organiser




Training & Development

The goal: to envision, empower and equip high performing teams.

The approach: seminars, workshops, individual and team based coaching and mentoring sessions personalised and contextualised to ensure relevance and achievement of agreed outcomes.




"Mark keeps people - not systems - at the centre of what he shares. He communicates complex ideas in a straightforward way."

- Training Session Feedback




Living Well

The goal: to support and equip individuals, marriages, families and organisations to look after themselves in the pursuit of their personal and corporate goals.

The approach: to facilitate conversations for individuals as well as seminars and workshops for groups on a wide range of topics for living well.





"Everyone felt challenged to grow, yet also encouraged that they would be able to."

 - Living Well Session Feedback



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