About Mark & Sarah

We set up LW3 to help individuals and organisations create successful environments where people can live well, love well and lead well. Here's why...





Our definition of success - to live well, love well and lead well - has emerged from our life together as we have married, raised a family and worked with people from all walks of life and organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Keep reading for some words from Mark on the story so far.


Mark & Sarah Lawrence LW3Mark & Sarah Lawrence LW3

In 2006, I suffered a nervous breakdown whilst managing a major incident with a high-profile client. This was a moment that changed everything for us.

At the time, I didn’t know how to describe what was happening to me, but it felt like the plug had been pulled and I really did think it was the end!

Thankfully it was not, and I lived to tell the story. A story we have used to explore what it means for people and organisations to truly, sustainably succeed.

Since that day, we have been helping people to prosper without collapse or burnout. We have been helping organisations to grow well, to grow up without growing old. As we like to say it we have helped them to tell a good story.

Everyone has a story. In fact, you are in the middle of yours now. Stories are powerful, and the most important story is the one you tell yourself. Your story helps you to explain the past, make sense of the present and create a strategy for the future.

In recent years we have used our story to help individuals and organisations to grow and transform by using their story to create a strategy. For us, creating strategy is about embracing your story, deciding how you want it to continue and then building a plan.

At LW3 we can help you or your business to do just that, build strategies for success. Now married for over thirty years with three children, five grandchildren and Meg the Labrador. We live together with Sarah’s parents, in a three hundred year old Barn in the Cheshire countryside. And from there our story continues…

About Mark

Mark is an experienced and proven operational leader in the IT industry. During a career spanning 30 years he was responsible for leading people, evolving processes, developing systems and managing various business functions through growth and transformation. Focussing on the continuity and integrity of operational plans and their alignment to strategic business goals. After 30 years, he decided it was time to make a change and offer his skills and experience to a wider group of individuals and organisations which now include churches and charities as well as businesses. Mark has a certificate in Christian Counselling and in 2017 trained as a Mental Health First Aider with Mental Health First Aid (England).

About Sarah

Sarah qualified as a medical secretary in 1983. Over the next 10 years she supported medical consultants and their practices in the public and private sector. During the 'school years' Sarah set up a child-minding business which she ran successfully for the next decade. When the children reached secondary school age Sarah returned to the work place as an administrator in the healthcare sector for two years and a church administrator for the next eight years. In 2012 Sarah stopped working to help prepare for three weddings! She is now a busy Nana to five grandchildren! Sarah has a certificate in Christian Counselling and in 2017 trained as a Mental Health First Aider with Mental Health First Aid (England).

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