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What’s your story?

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Some days, and at the risk of being a party pooper, perhaps particularly today, it’s good to remember the date is simply a page number in the book that is the story of our lives.

As the pages turn it’s never about the page numbers it’s always about the story. Dates, endings and beginnings, new and old, come and go but the most important thing is the continuity of the story of our lives and the most important story is the one we tell ourselves every day.

2019 like every year before it will have its moments but in the midst of the dreams and the disappointments remember you have been handed a pen not a script and despite the plot twists you get to decide how the story will continue.

My fellow travellers, you are all authors, at least of your own story. Sometimes it feels as if the pen has been ripped out of our hands. Sometimes we put the pen down and struggle to pick it up again. We are tempted to abdicate our story to someone else or to fate. But to live powerfully and purposefully is to live with the pen in our hand.

Once the Christmas decorations are packed away and the New Year fireworks have fizzled out pick up the pen and start writing the story that is your life in 2019.

A Happy New Year! It’s one thing to wish it, it’s another to write it.

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