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A weekend exploring faith, work, profit and purpose together.
Friday 4th & Saturday 5th October, 2019

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We believe Christian theology is a valuable resource for any boardroom

Thanks to the organisational principles of the earliest Christians, their movement is now global. Christian women and men inhabit every social class and partake in every form of government and economy. Christians have presided over the most corrupt power structures on earth and have led the most successful reforms against injustice history has ever known. 

In the age of #MeToo, climate chaos, Trump and Brexit, we see traditional power structures convulsing and collapsing while new forms rise to fill the void. Organisations grow unwieldy, while small ones struggle for survival in the shifting environment. We have seen these stories before.

Communication is instant. Transparency is key. Servant-leadership works, command and control does not. Domination is out. Goodness is in. Tent Making Business is a weekend to help you and your business negotiate these currents to create healthy, successful organisations built on relationship, freedom and love.

Spend Friday night and Saturday in a beautiful countryside location on the outskirts of Manchester.

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Stephen Backhouse
Stephen Backhouse is the founder and director of Tent Theology, an organisation that has brought accessible theology to tens of thousands of people. Before starting Tent Theology, Dr Backhouse presided over the MA for Christian Leadership at St Mellitus College, where he also taught as Lecturer.

Paul Milbank
Paul is a Founding Director of business ethics consultancy ValueMetrix. He is also the Founder of the Business Connect Network. Paul and his team are currently working with businesses to refine and improve their vision of what 'good' looks like for their organisations and their people.

Mark & Sarah Lawrence
Mark and Sarah are passionate about helping people live, love and lead well. They are the founders of a consultancy that works with churches, charities and business organisations to optimise and develop healthy, profitable and sustainable cultures.

Tent Making Business will take place on Friday evening and all-day Saturday at a countryside location on the outskirts of Manchester. The venue is accessible by car and has nearby public transport links, food and refreshments will be provided throughout all sessions.

Start time: 7:00pm
Session concludes: 10:00pm

Start time: 10:00am
Session concludes: 4:00pm

If you have any questions about Tent Making Business please get in touch, we would love to help.

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